Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speed Scrap today at MLAS!

Well, I haven't done much with scrapbooking this week besides my CTs are quiet right now.  So I thought I would try to get one LO done today.  I find that speed scraps (I headed over to MLAS)  help me get LOs done fast, so here it is.  I still may play with it some more, but at least it is done!

My Guy Kit from Ramoa the pest Designs & Scrappin' Daisies Designs.

Monday, January 25, 2010

QP Freebie!

I am so lucky to work with some great digital scrapbooking designers and I am excited to tell you about a new kit released today by Mommy's Time Out  (Megan McDonough) -- Backstage Pass.
Head on over to her blog and grab it.  It's FREE.

Here is a LO I created with this kit.  I really love this picture of the boys
and this kit complemented the photo perfectly.

Backstage Pass by Mommy's Time Out
Template by Pencils Lines sketch 144

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Any LO using P365 - The Whole Kit N' Kaboodle by Pixiemama Designs

Here is a LO I made today using a kit from Pixiemama Designs.   P365 - The Whole Kit N' Kaboodle was just released Friday, click here to check it out.  This kit is HUGE!  For those looking for a general kit for those 52 weeks and 365 days projects, this one is for you.


100%   P365 - The Whole Kit N' Kaboodle by Pixiemama Designs
Template Design  - WW template 061109

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy working on LO pages for Mommy's Time Out CT.

First off I am excited to say, so far so good!  I think I found a fix to my PSE editor crashes.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that my good fortune continues.

So now that my software is working, I have been busy working on some pages for a new new kit "Backstage Pass"  being released January 25th by Megan McDonough - Mommy's Time Out.  If you would like to have a Sneak Peak, head on over to her blog.   I will also be posting a QP Freebie using that kit that day.  So don't forget to check back.

Ciao for now!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is another Layout Using Pixiemama Designs Feb. PU Grab Bag

Well, here is another LO using Pixiemama Designs Feb. PU Grab Bag.  I couldn't forget my youngest.  He also had a Valentine's Day Party at Lincoln Academy Preschool.   I had so much fun making his Valentine's Box.  So my baby decided that a Lincoln Leopard would be a good choice.

100% February PU Grab Bag (Candies & Kisses) by Pixiemama Designs
Template Design by Mandagirl Template 34 (Modified)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here is a LO I promised you using Pixiemama's Feb. Grab bag!

This grab bag is loaded with some great stuff.  I was so excited to use it for my oldest son's Valentine's Day party from last year.  I was so worried this evening when I went to finish the LO and couldn't find it.  I have been having troubles all weekend with my PSE 7.0.  I have been uninstalling and reinstalling it all weekend because my editor stops working.  But thankfully I found the file.  I had saved it in the wrong place.  So today I finally found a fix from Adobe so I hopefully will not run into this issue again.  So here is my page.  I think it turned out really nice. 

100% February PU Grab Bag (Candies & Kisses) by Pixiemama Designs
Template Design by Le Pingouin Designs Adi's Templates 1

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Speed Scrap Today!

Yeah I was able to join in a speed scrap today!  I wasn't sure it was going to happen because last night I tried to join another speed scrap, but my digital software wasn't playing nice.  For the last few months PSE 7.0 decides that the editor doesn't want to work anymore.  The only way I have been able to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the software.  VERY FRUSTRATING!  So this morning I was able to complete a LO for a speed scrap on MLAS.  Then a few hours later PSE crashed again.  So tonight I am going through the old routine to get it up and running again.  Twice in the last 24 hours, ARGH.

But I was able to get a LO completed.  These are pictures from last October when we got hit with a good snow storm and the boys got to have three days off of school, unfortunately, school now ends this year three days later.  But at least the boys enjoyed playing in the snow and building our traditional snow pile that the boys build a snow cave in.

Credits:  Snowdrop Kit by Mommy's Time Out

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Grab Bag Released today for Pixiemama Designs

I just wanted to share some news about Pixiemama Designs.
Her February PU Grab Bag was released today!
It's full of cute, romantic elements for all those Valentine and love projects.

It can be purchased at Scrapable also for only $4 until February 11th. After the 11th, it will all be separated and put into the store in pieces and the price will go up, so make sure to pick it up while you can!

I will be creating some lay outs over the next few days using this kit and
I will be posting them on my blog very soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolutions UPDATE

Well as usual, trying to keep my New Year's resolutions is proving to be very difficult.   My main problem is I have not been feeling well for many weeks now.  I thought it was just a cold and sinuses.  Yesterday I felt worse so I went to the doctors.  I got some antibiotics, so I hope to get better soon and get my energy back.  So exercising hasn't started yet, but I am hoping very soon.  I have been getting stuff done around the house.  So at least I am making a dent in my HUGE to do lists.  I hope to get some scrapbooking pages done here in the next few days.  I do not want to lose momentum.  So stay tuned as I hope to upload some picture very soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Holiday Page to Share.

I am having so much fun cranking out these digital pages.  It is really exciting to have so many pages completed from the holidays.  I still have many pages to finish, well actually start,  but I love looking at the pics of the boys.  It just makes me smile.

Credits:      Tidings of Joy Kit by Megan McDonough - Mommy's Time Out
Template by Pixiemama Designs
WordArt by The Scrapping Sisters

Family Trip to the Royal Gorge before Christmas.

My family decided to take a trip to the Royal Gorge in Canon City on December 23, 2009 for a trip on the Santa Train.  I wanted to make the trip while the kids were still young and truly still believed in the "Spirit of Christmas".  They really enjoyed the train ride and their smiles made it all worth the trip.  Since it was so late after the train ride we decided to relax and stay in a motel for the night.  WOW it had been a long time since we all stayed in a motel together.  The boys loved the free morning breakfast buffet and swimming in the pool.  What a great trip!

Jingle all the Way Digital kit by Moonchylde Creations and Template by Lennie Lou designs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

WOW New Year’s resolutions! This is something I have been thinking about a lot as we ring in the New Year.

First and foremost, I need to work on getting healthy. I have two young boys and since I am in my forty's I need to do what ever it takes to make sure I am around for my kids for many years to come. So with that comes getting in better shape by eating healthier, exercising, and taking better care of myself. So as winter break comes to an end, tomorrow I begin my new journey to taking care of ME!

Second, I need to work on organization of this house. There is so much that I have just ignored over the years since the kids were born, because it was way more important to me to enjoy my time with my kids. Now with my youngest in full day kindergarten, I have no more excuses to put off things around the house,  since I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for the last 5 in a half years. I need to sit down and make a list of things I need to purge, organize, finish, and accomplish around the house while the boys are gone at school.

The final thing I want to work on for 2010 is to really get a handle on all my scrapbooking. I am 9 years behind on scrapping all those digital pictures I have taken over the years of my boys. I used to traditional scrapbook and really enjoyed it, but I no longer have the time to drag it all out every time I want to scrapbook. So last spring I started digital scrapbooking and instantly fell in LOVE with it. But the perfectionist in me made it difficult to create the pages as quickly as I would like. But over the last few months I have become very inspired by all the support I have found with the online community. I have joined several forums and have joined one creative team (I hope to join one more) which has boosted my confidence! So my goal is to make a huge dent in all the pictures I have left to scrap and to keep up on all the pictures moving forward. My goal for 2010 is to have all pictures scraped within a month of them being taken!

So wish me luck with this journey as I am sure it will be a bumpy road!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here is my first LO for Pixiemama Designs' Creative Team

I just love Pixiemama Designs and this digital kit worked perfectly.  This page used Holiday Sugar Cookies {The Kit} which can be seen at Scrapable's online store.

I love this picture of my adorable boys.  I took this picture the first day of December before they opened the first window on their chocolate Advent calendar.  They loved to run down every morning to open the next window!

Template Design by Jen Yurko for a template challenge on Inspiration Lane

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, I can't believe it is 2010 already!  WOW how time flies.  With the new year brings new goals in my life.  One of the big goals I am focusing on is scrapbooking. I have basically switched to 100% digital scrapbooking.  I am going to focus on 2009 and try to keep up with pictures moving forward.  I have come across some great forums that have been very inspirational and have challenged me to complete more pages. I am also super excited to have been accepted to join Pixiemamma Designs creative team.  Check out her blog she has some wonderful digital kits.  Stay tuned as I will soon be uploading some pages using her kits.